Monday, January 17, 2011

Mad's Wedding

This past weekend Mendy and I went with our girl friends to Cabo San Lucas for Madisen's wedding. The gang was all there except Mel who is expecting twins and cannot travel... we missed her dearly! The trip began on Thursday, I drove from CS to Mendy's so we could pack all 45 matching t-shirts that I just had to haul to Cabo ha. We managed to get them all packed up and even had room for a couple of beverages in our checked bags... SCORE! Once at the airport Mendy, Alison and I went to TGI Fridays to have a few drinks and some appetizers before we took off. Poor Claire had a mix up in communication and was not going to make our flight to Cabo from DFW. Our flight got delayed and it was back to TGI Fridays! Once on the plane Jackie and I read magazines and had some cold bud light. We arrived in Cabo about 9:30, went to the hotel and enjoyed some nachos and quesadillas!

We decided to turn in at 12:30 instead of waiting up for Kate who was dancing her night away with Molly and Madisen at the Pink Kitty. Friday morning Jackie couldn't sleep and since all in one room it was up and at em! We were off to the breakfast buffet where we made the mimosas bottomless until they brought us a to go cup... that was our cue to leave ha.
After going to find Molly to wish her Happy Birthday we went back to the room to meet up with Mad. We all went down to the beach and pool where we tanned, talked, played beach volleyball, took too many shots and celebrated Molly's 24th Birthday!
That night was the rehearsal dinner on the beach... it was so fun and the food was amazing! The groomsmen were such a hoot and made a few posters of themselves for Mad and James... Im sure we won't be seeing those hanging in their new home anytime soon. After the dinner we all went up to the room for Madisen's lingerie shower followed by an after rehearsal party.

thanks for jumping in our pic guys
 Saturday morning came BRIGHT (bc we left the shades open) and early (8am) when Ali and I were woken up by a phone call from Kate saying party in the other room. We got out of bed, brushed our teeth and went immediatly over there. We are not the two that will miss a party no matter what time of the morning it is taking place! We all ordered room service breakfast and opted out on drinks just yet as we were all still recovering from the night before...we did however fill our bathtub with our beverages of choice, it took many trips to the ice machine but it was worth it! To celebrate Mad's wedding day we packed a bag full of beer and wine and hit the beach! The things we forgot up in the room... sunscreen and the iPod speaker... Fail!

We all got ready for the wedding together and before we knew it 3:30 had rolled around and it was time to take pictures. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and went so smoothly! The reception started with Mad and James dancing to Kings of Leon, followed by the father/daughter dance, and the real tear jerker, James and his mom Kathy dancing to James Taylor's song Sweet Baby James. After their dances it quickly became a dance party and a concert sung by yours truly, Ali, Kate, and Mad. Our table was the FUN table...everyone around was either loving us or hating us we're not sure which one haha. Mendy and I had to leave the hotel at 4:45am which came so quickly... after another flight delay we finaly made it back to Texas safe and sound! It was a such a fun weekend... so thankful for our fabulous friends! Special thanks to the Langners for everything this weekend!

Congratulations James and Madisen Tate! We love you both!

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