Monday, July 1, 2013

June... (Part 2)

After our trip to Galveston we had two special visitors come see us in Temple... My lifelong friend Beau, and Jeff's lifelong friend Logan!

Beau was just passing through and stopped by to meet our sweet little Preston Tate!

Logan got to spend the weekend with us and also meet PT for the first time!

Jeff, Preston and I had to go to a Radiology residents dinner so Log stayed with the circus for a few hours until we got back. It was nice meeting some of the other spouses and their kids at the dinner.

Saturday we took it easy just catching up with Logan and regrouping after our trip. That night we rented the fight on pay per view and made a game out of guess who would win and in what round!
Sunday was Father's Day, Jeff's first Father's Day so I wanted to make sure it was awesome! We bought him some shirts and an iPad mini that he has been wanting because it will fit in the pocket of his white coat at work. We also sent him to the NBA Finals game (Thanks to Tate) with my dad and sister... PT and I watched from home.

The following weekend we went back to San Antonio where we met my mom and Tate at the Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort. We had so much fun and can't say thanks enough to my mom for taking us on that getaway! B and Cale happened to be in SA too so they came to our hotel to hangout by the pool with us one afternoon.

Boone will be here so soon and we cannot wait to meet him!!!

Sunday Jeff, Tate, my dad and I ran a 5K! Our first 5K actually... I swore I was going to train for it but never did so I'm just glad I didn't pass out haha! I finished and didn't embarrass myself so that's a win in my book!

Preston turned 3 months old on the 27th...
He sleeps from around 9pm to 4am, then wakes up to nurse, but goes back to sleep until around 8:30am. I don't think he wakes up because he's actually hungry but more because he likes the comfort of it. While on vacation I got lazy and put him in bed with us and now I'm afraid it's going to be our first bad habit to have to break. He has really started smiling this month and it melts my heart! Each new day is better than the last and I could not ask for more!


Sunday, June 30, 2013

June... (Part 1)

June was a lot like May for our family... Busy, busy, busy!
Preston continues to steal our hearts with every little thing he does and is so good about letting us drag him all across Texas. Still a huge car seat hater but once you get to your destination he's back to his happy little self!

This month we went to San Antonio to meet up with Kate and Alison so that us girls could go see George Strait in concert one last time. Jeff was such a good sport and came along to keep Preston in the hotel room while we were at the concert. Since he is still nursing he can't be away from mommy for too long and let's be serious I wasn't at all ready to be away from him for the night!

The concert was amazing and I always LOVE any chance I get to spend time with Kate and Ali. They understand my love for country music and most country songs take me back to a life lesson they helped me through, a good road trip to the lake the 3 of us went on, or a Friday night drive to the high school football games.

The Sunday after the concert was Brittany's baby shower in Houston. Jeff drove us from SA to Houston and never even griped... What a wonderful husband I have! I am so not ready for him to start work again in a week... Time please pass slowly!
The shower was beautiful and B looked great as always! I cannot wait to meet Boone in just a few short weeks! He's due July 18th but hoping to meet him a little sooner!

On our way home from the shower we stopped by Sid and Vicki's to have dinner with them, Mike and Rach.

We finally made it back to Temple after a crazy weekend of travel and Preston was so glad to be home and back with his puppies!

The following week Erica and the kids were heading to College Station for a few days before we all left for the beach... I suggested that they come here for one night so we could have a little sleep over while Jeff was away. I'm so glad she agreed! They got to see the house for the first time and we got to spend some time just us girls... HB rode to CS with Uncle Toodge (Jeffrey) so he could go ahead and see MawMaw and Pop. Emma and Georgia were so great with Preston, Sidney, and our circus. We went to the pool in our neighborhood, went to dinner at Deadfish and Erica and I got to enjoy some sangria and chit chat!

The next day they went to CS, Jeff got home and our little family of 3 loaded up and headed up 35N to Waco to watch Mason play some baseball.

After the game Grammie, Papa, Uncle, Aunt Sharon, and Mason came to stay at our house... My mom met us there too because she was nice enough to come spend the week at our house pet sitting while we were at the beach! Thanks so much mom!!!

Sunday we left to go to Galveston... More on that in the next post!


Friday, May 31, 2013

2 months...

Preston Tate what a busy busy month you've had!

You went with Daddy and I to close on the first home we've owned together and the first home you will remember as your own. You were such a trooper while I was packing up our entire house for the big move! You LOVE to be held 24-7 and most days this works just fine for us but not so much when mommy needs to be productive. Aunt Sharon was a huge help and came over to hold you ALL day while I finished packing! Mason and Uncle came over that evening and helped me finish packing and loaded the car. Nana met us at the new house to hold you while Daddy, Pop and I unloaded all the furniture and boxes.

May 12th was Mother's Day... My first Mother's Day to be exact! Oh how I love love love being your mommy! You are so sweet, cuddly, and happy! Daddy helped you and the circus make my day so special! He put together a slide show of our pictures together, complete with our songs, flowers and a great breakfast! Way to go Daddy!

May 18th was Daddy's Med School graduation! I can't put into words how proud of him I am! He has worked so hard for this and it has finally paid off!

All of our family and friends came to celebrate! They are so amazing to always go where we need them! Aunt Cat and Uncle Kev were going to watch you during the graduation ceremony but dad decided last minute that he wanted you to be there for his big moment! You did so great for a little guy but about 15 minutes into the ceremony you were not loving waiting in the auditorium for him to cross the stage so Melissa took you out and held you the entire time while you slept.

After the ceremony we gathered at MawMaw and Pops house for dinner with our closest friends and family!

Then Nana and Auntie stayed behind at the hotel to keep you so we could go out with everyone. They said you did so great and fell asleep with no trouble!

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and your 2month birthday! We went to the lake with Boss and Auntie then to Abilene to visit Nana.

You HATE your car seat something fierce! You act like it is burning your skin off every time you have to ride in it... It makes me so sad and I wish that I could fix it! We are hoping the more you are in it the more you will tolerate it... Mommy likes to be on the go!

We still have tons of unpacking to do because I can never put you down but I feel sure it'll get done sometime before your first birthday at least haha!

You are now 10lbs and 22" long! You are still a great eater and wake up at least once a night to nurse. You slept from 1am- 6:30am, nursed and went back to sleep until 8:30am the other night!!! Mommy was so grateful for the good sleep we both got! You are still sleeping in the nap nanny in the middle of our bed but we are going to attempt to move you back to your pack n play soon. You don't like naps, I don't know how such a tiny boy can go so long without sleep but you do it and most of the time you're pretty happy about it. If you do fall asleep during the day you will sleep for hours in someone's arms but never want to be put down or you wake up immediately. I'm getting the hang of this mommy thing more and more each day. I'm still over paranoid about most everything you can think of and ask Daddy every other day if you have fever, sound congested, or any other thing that might concern me at the time. Hahaha thanks for hanging in there with me lil guy!

I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!